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  • New poetry by area poets to be featured on buses
    WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) - Next time you ride a local bus in Luzerne County, look up toward the ceiling. You might find inspiration. New works of poetry and accompanying photography, displayed on placards normally used for advertising, are once again being placed inside Luzerne County Transportation Authority buses ...

  • Hope releases his first book of poetry
    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - Ishmael Hope spent six years putting together his first collection of poetry, "Courtesans of Flounder Hill," a period of time in which the manuscript went through many changes - as did Hope himself. Among them: He became a father to four children with his wife, ...

  • New poetry by area poets to be featured on LCTA buses
    WILKES-BARRE — Next time you ride a local bus in Luzerne County, look up toward the ceiling. You might find inspiration.

  • Cuisle marks 20 years of poetry in Limerick
    LIMERICK’S international poetry festival celebrates 20 years with a special five-day run this year, welcoming some of the country’s top poets to the city.

  • Poetry Festival Looks Forward
    LEDBURY Poetry Festival is looking forward to an exciting 2015, and it is secure in its funding for the next few years.

  • Poetry Podcast: Stephen Burt Reads Liz Waldner
    In this week’s episode of the poetry podcast, which concludes the first year of the series, Stephen Burt reads “ Sad Verso of the Sunny ____ ,” by Liz Waldner, which was published in The New Yorker in 2009. The poem—in which the speaker recalls a ritual from childhood—is, Burt says, “about how to remember a time before you saw yourself in time.” It begins:

  • 'Philip Larkin': A small, sad man who wrote great poetry?
    Booth's new biography of British poet Philip Larkin seems intended, in large part, as an exercise in rehabilitation.

  • Are Poetry and Psychosis Linked?
    Is there a relationship between poetry and psychosis? The idea that 'genius' is just one step removed from 'madness' is a venerable one, and psychiatrists and psychologists have spent a great (perhaps an inordinate) amount of time looking for correlations between mental illness and creativity. Now a new British study has examined whether poets exhibit more traits of psychosis than other people ...

  • One man's mission to fight patriarchy with poetry
    By Maria Caspani NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the struggle for gender equality, one man has resorted to an unlikely weapon: poetry. Carlos Andres Gomez, a New York City-born poet, writer and performer said that growing up he felt constrained by the strict interpretation of masculinity which dictated that all men should be strong and unemotional. So he set out to change that. "So ...

  • Poetry appreciation – for dogs
    I’d never gotten a grasp on poetry. But Scout was truly passionate about it.